Are you looking for an online Tai Chi or Yoga Class?

Maybe you want to come to one of our Leeds Tai Chi Classes but want to learn some moves before you come. Or maybe you're already comeing to Lishi Leeds Tai Chi and Taoist Yoga, Qigong, meditation and Kung Fu Classes in Leeds and would like some video instruction to help you with your tai chi practise between classes.


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Tai Chi is often seen as an exercise for older people but the truth is it has massive benefits for people in their twenties and thirties too. If you live a busy lifestyle, recognise that you should be taking better care of your health, want to feel more energised to do the things you love then this course is for you. 

Learn Simple Exercises That Boost Your Energy and Make You Feel Great Every Day

In addition to Tai Chi, you will learn some simple Daoist exercises that will help you relax your body, calm your mind, boost your energy and build your confidence.

You will learn:

+How to warm your body up the Tai Chi way (Gentle and nourishing)

+How to breathe properly if you want to relax and boost your energy

+The basic animal stances of the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi

+Daoist Yoga for increased flexibility

+Qigong Energy Work exercises

+Tai Chi for a high energy lifestyle

+A simple exercise for helping you sleep

+The beginnings of moving meditation


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Relax and Strengthen Your Mind and Body

I have been practising the Chinese exercise system called Lishi (pronounced "Lee" "Sher") for twenty years and in that time I have seen remarkable changes in the energy levels and happiness of thousands of my students lives. You will immediately feel the benefits of the exercises and can start making a positive difference in your life very quickly.

If you want to take better care of yourself and enjoy even higher energy levels than you do now then making these exercises part of your day will do it for you.


Course Overview

I have structured the course for beginners so that your knowledge builds progressively. We will start with a gentle warm-up so you can start to feel good from gently moving all the muscles and joints of your body.

Next we will look at how to breathe properly in a way that maximises your oxygen intake, calms your emotions, relaxes you mind and body and boosts your energy. I guarantee this will be different from the way that you breathe right now.

The foundations of Tai Chi and all of the other Taoist exercises of Lishi are the stances. I teach you seven basic stances in a fun way that will strengthen your legs and make the following sections easier to enjoy.

Daoist Yoga is different from other forms of yoga because it encourages you to always keep moving and never hold postures. We move in and out of the postures smoothly and fluidly. This develops suppleness in a much more natural way and helps you to embody the principles of flowing with life.

We do some standing energy cultivation exercises (Qigong) which are very simple to do but not necessarily easy so I have created 3 different videos to help you progress, strengthen your stamina and build up your energy.

With the firm foundation of the previous exercises in place you are now ready to learn the first three sequences of the Tai Chi Form. We will look at the stance-work, the hand and arm positions and the breathing so that you can co-ordinate all three, perform the moves fluidly and start to experience moving meditation.

The course is designed to give you an introduction to the exercises without overwhelming you with technical detail. If you enjoy the exercises, feel the benefits and start making them part of your life I outline how you can go deeper and further into these exercises to get even more benefit from this course.

Use this SPECIAL LINK to get a massive discount when you enroll on the online video course

Who is the target audience?


Use this SPECIAL LINK to get a massive discount when you enroll on the online video course